Meridian: a customized approach to the search for corporate executives and experts

Founded twenty years ago, Meridian assists listed corporations, family-owned companies, mid-sized enterprises and startups, with attracting and nurturing talents.

 Meridian is organized like an artisans’ workshop, proposing customized, long-lasting and sustainable work.

Meridian is more particularly serving the following business sectors:  Banking/Finance/Insurance, Real Estate, Agro-chemicals, Retail, BtoB, BtoC, Luxury, Education/Culture and Consulting.

The counsel we give to our clients takes many facets: detecting potential, proposing less obvious candidates profiles, actively participating in the integration of the recruits, helping  the conception of innovative options to better serve the strategy.

 Member of the AESC  (Association of Executive Search Consultants and Leadership Managnement), our professional Code of Conduct applies to the companies which entrust us with their search missions and equally, to the women and men we meet.




Exchange: privileged contacts make up our professional network

Our team has developed the in-depth ability to understand stakes and challenges, corporate organizational requirements and needs, a company’s culture and the personality of its chief executive.

Matching men and women with professional opportunities and personal itineraries that correspond to their ambitions is our primary motivation. The human wealth brought by these meetings feeds our own creative process and stimulates our recommendations.

This rich interaction and synergy fuels the long-term relations of trust that we build with our clients -- global corporations and middle-market companies which position human capital at the core of their strategies.

Exchange: privileged contacts make up our professional network, in France and worldwide.

Our dynamism is driven by a top-quality team, united by its specialized expertise and shared vision. Recognized and valued since 1994, our name is MERIDIAN.




Identify the "top talents" for your company's future...

Our “core business” is assisting companies with the executive recruitment of their senior managers and professional experts through the direct-contact approach.

Since 2002, we have been active members of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), a worldwide association of direct-approach executive search consultancies. The AESC is known for its adherence to the profession’s most demanding standards and its total compliance with the profession’s ethical Code of Conduct.

We also aid our clients to identify and develop their in-house human capital by offering our skilled services in the areas of appraisal, team audits, and coaching.

We have established a partnership with our clients, which has been consolidating over the years.  We have been solicited for both their supporting and operational roles.

Meridian’s expertise is renowned in the following sectors:

-     Corporate and Retail banking, Insurance

-     Reinsurance, Private Equity , Social Welfare Group

-     Fast-moving Consumer Goods, Luxury goods, Agro-food, Agro-chemicals, Biotechnologies

-     Specialized Retail, Mass Retail

-     Social Real Estate and Institutional Investors

-     Public Sector, Culture, Education

-     Services industry : Leisure, Media, Transport, High–tech, Consulting





Our Team

Our Team

A top-quality team recognized for its professional expertise...




15, rue du Louvre - 75001 Paris

Email :

Telephone: + 33 1 53 57 47 27

Fax: + 33 1 53 57 47 28

Louvre Rivoli  ou Palais Royal – Metro ligne 1

Les Halles – RER A – B – D

Parking : VINCI Park Croix des Petits Champs

14 Rue Croix des Petits Champs

75001 Paris



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